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Top most trusted investors

It’s no secret that Warren Buffett is a great investor; not only has he been getting above than average returns throughout his career but he is generous enough to humbly share his investment knowledge as well. That alone would be the "cherry on the cake" in making him a great person in the mind of a lot of people. But, have you ever wondered how much Warren Buffett is actually regarded in the minds of the American people? How about other well-known successful investors, how do they rank in America’s "confidence value"; given Warren Buffett’s reputation?

A new national poll lifts the lid on the opinion of Americans; when a super star investor like Warren Buffet is compared to other ones such as Bill Ackman, Carl Icahn, Jim Cramer, Daniel Loeb and George Soros.  Surprisingly, the survey highlights diverging opinions, particularly considering the various investment styles of these investors.

Alright, there's no further contest to the fact that Warren Buffett is THE most trusted investor in America with 31% of all votes. While you may think this stat isn't much to draw conclusions, you should consider that the second most trusted investor, the one right after Buffett, gets a meager 5.2%.

So, who is this lucky second most trusted investor? Drum roll please… It's Jim Cramer, CNBC's 'Mad Money’ host.  Jim is not only the second most trusted investor through mens' choice but also womens'. It could be argued that media exposure might be key to getting all that trust but hold on to see what's next before drawing conclusions.

As John Lennon rightfully said “The more I see, the less I know for sure”, perception can also be quite misleading. The general feeling would actually suggest that shareholder activist Bill Ackman’s recent white-knight epic fights; would have fetched him loads of sympathy and trust from the American public but that isn't the case from the poll’s results. In fact, Bill Ackman (2.5%) and Daniel Loeb (2%) had the lowest picks which confirm that media coverage isn't necessarily the key to getting America’s trust.

Interestingly enough, Bill Ackman appears to be the most trusted investor in the survey; according to the most connected cohorts; the Millennials, which definitely takes a divergent view from the media exposure argument above. Maybe another poll would be required to actually unlock this maze.

As for Daniel Loeb, another shareholder activist, who is known for his very smart but hostile letters to CEO’s, majority of his supporters are women, which is kind of surprising given that women are generally known for having preference for pacific approaches to conflict resolution.

One last noteworthy observation involves our two remaining investors; Carl Icahn, another shareholder activist (3.8%) and George Soros (3.4%) who rank almost equal, right after Jim Cramer. That is surprising yet again; as Carl Icahn doesn’t shy away from media while George Soros tends to keep a low profile.

For those interested by seeing it on a map, here it is. It’s obviously now showing Warren Buffet overwhelming status but we can see Jim Cramer’s reputation is all over the country, followed by Carl Icahn, George Soros, Bill Ackman and Daniel Loeb in Minnesota.

Top rated investor map

  1. Warren Buffett    31.0%
  2. Jim Cramer          5.2%
  3. Carl Icahn            3.8%
  4. George Soros      3.4%
  5. Bill Ackman         2.5%
  6. Daniel Loeb         2.0%

Finally, the most interesting observation from this multiple choice poll is that almost two third of all respondents don’t trust any of these star investors. The worry is that If Warren Buffett cannot give a good name to Wall Street, one is forced to wonder who else could. This clearly indicates that the major highlight of this survey; is that there is something broken between Wall Street and Main Street, something very significant.  There is an obviously genuine lack of confidence in an industry that exclusively relies on trust between parties to work. If a link is broken, how is the machine expected to stay function?

These findings came to light from a new survey conducted by, the new disruptive crowd-based investment site. BeActivist was designed to bring Wall Street back to Main Street. runs a patent pending technology that seeks and gathers shareholders; and encourages them to exercise their fundamental right to vote shareholder proposals and other issues. By using, individual shareholders are not alone anymore; they can now voice their best interests to stay in control and unlock shareholder value.