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Who We Are

BeActivist stands between traditional hedge funds and investment newsletters. Of course, we share our investment theories and trades with our members - but we do it with a special twist. We do more than traditional investment newsletters as we make sure the companies we invested in know we exist as a group, care about us and do the right things for us, their shareholders. That's why we call ourselves activists as we are not only passive investors.

How we do it

This is quite simple. Like any other investment newsletters, we notify our subscribers about investment opportunities. Then, members report to us their share count. Now, here is the "twist". Once we, as a group, reach a significant number of shares, we team up with existing major shareholders, such as funds or institutions, to increase our shareholder weight and influence. Sounds interesting? You may read about our solution or just submit your email above to know more.

More Upside

BeActivist typically works on a freemium basis. In other words, the entry level "everyone" subscription is totally free. However, to pay the bills, and because some investors like to be notified earlier to get more upside or simply more important margin of safety, we offer the option to receive notifications earlier in the process. In other words, we basically sell priorities. The more you pay, the sooner you get the notifications. Click here to see our plans and set your priorities.

I bought shares of Widepoint

A month ago, I bought shares of Widepoint (Amex: WYY) for roughly 70¢/share. The stock currently trades at 58¢ after going beyond 80¢ last fall. Yeap, it's a significant drop but since I had bought a bunch at 39¢ last fall, I'm still doing ok. The reason that I'm bringing this company to you today is that Widepoint will be presenting their earnings this week on March 30th and I feel that the stock should react positively to the news.

Top most trusted investors

It’s no secret that Warren Buffett is a great investor; not only has he been getting above than average returns throughout his career but he is generous enough to humbly share his investment knowledge as well. That alone would be the "cherry on the cake" in making him a great person in the mind of a lot of people. But, have you ever wondered how much Warren Buffett is actually regarded in the minds of the American people? How about other well-known successful investors, how do they rank in America’s "confidence value"; given Warren Buffett’s reputation?

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